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About C M Hutchinson

Christopher Hutchinson has been pursuing the photographic arts since 2001, when he started working in a photo lab and learning darkroom processes as a young teenager. He pursued his studies as a photography major at Bard College, where he learned from imaging greats such as Stephen Shore. After graduation, Christopher put his skills to use as a photography teacher at Groton School, a prestigious boarding high school in Groton, MA. In 2013, Christopher moved across the country to work as a digital photography and film instructor at Besant Hill School in Ojai, CA for five years. In 2018, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to teach photography and filmmaking at the Fountain Valley School of Colorado where he lives and works today.

Christopher currently works in both digital and analogue processes pursuing a variety of projects. Much of his contemporary work can be seen on his Instagram account @cmhutchinson